Show AlarmDefinitions

This is a NuoDB Manager command. See NuoDB Manager.


Show all alarms defined for the domain, database, host or database process (TE or SM).


show alarmDefinitions 
    [name alarm_name] 
    [dimension dim] 
    [eventType event_type] 
    [entityFilter filter]


Interactive Example

Show all alarm definitions for the domain:

nuodb [domain] > show alarmDefinitions  
Name filter (optional): 
Dimension filter (optional): 
EntityFilter filter (optional):
Alarm Definitions (2): 
 Alarm Definition: My Node Left Domain:*:NodeLeft (Debug) 
 Alarm Definition: avg-cpu-60 Domain:*:OS-cpuTotalTimePercent(Average) GE 60.00 600s (Debug, Reset)

Scripting Example

The same show alarmDefinitions command can be executed with --command as follows:

nuodbmgr --broker host --password password \
    --command "show alarmDefinitions"