Restart Database

This is a NuoDB Manager command. See NuoDB Manager.


Restart a database based on a captured database configuration file. (See Capture Database.)

Note: For managed databaseWhen a NuoDB-provided template is used to create a database then that database is a managed database. Databases created from the Automation Console are always managed databases. You can also use the NuoDB Manager command line tool to create a managed database.s created with NuoDB 2.1 or later, it is no longer necessary to take a snapshot of your database to stop and restart it. Simply use the NuoDB Manager shutdown database and start database commands (See Shutdown Database and Start Database) or stop and start in the Automation Console.


restart database dbFile file_name [timeout timeout_value] [incremental false]


Useful Properties


See NuoDB Manager Properties.

Interactive Example

Restart database test based on a capture file called mydb.cfg. This database has 1 TE and 1 SM.

nuodb [domain/test15] > restart database
Database Description File: mydb.cfg
Timeout (ms/s/m/h/d/w) (optional): 
Re-starting database: test
Started: [SM] ip-172-31-14-171/ (us-west-2) [ pid = 4720 ] [ db = test15 ] [ nodeId = 1 ] ACTIVE
Started: [TE] ip-172-31-14-171/ (us-west-2) [ pid = 4740 ] [ db = test15 ] [ nodeId = 2 ] ACTIVE

Scripting Example

The same restart database command can be executed with --command as follows:

nuodbmgr --broker host --password password \
    --command "restart database dbFile mydb.cfg"
   database test \
    host localhost \
    options '--dba-user dba --dba-password goalie'"