Enable teHost

This is a NuoDB Manager command. See NuoDB Manager.


The Enable teHost command will unblacklist a broker so that the load-balancer can return TEs on that broker to service SQL connection requests. The blacklisted hosts are stored in the KV-store under the key "configuration/loadbalancer/blacklist/<stableID>. There is also a corresponding Disable command to blacklist a broker.

The process to follow to unblacklist a host is as follows:


enable teHost StableID


Interactive Example

nuodb [test] > set property showHostStableId value true; show domain summary;
[broker] * localhost/ (DEFAULT_REGION) [ stableId = uuid:5a0dbe7c-8f7c-4c52-b829-6a8dfaf40ce2 ] CONNECTED
[broker] localhost/ (DEFAULT_REGION) [ stableId = uuid:2048cbbf-ef89-4fe9-a11c-61fa98931c47 ] CONNECTED
nuodb [test] > disable teHost uuid:2048cbbf-ef89-4fe9-a11c-61fa98931c47
nuodb [test] > enable teHost uuid:2048cbbf-ef89-4fe9-a11c-61fa98931c47