Disable teHost

This is a NuoDB Manager command. See NuoDB Manager.


The Disable teHost command will blacklist a broker so that the load-balancer will not return TEs on that broker to service SQL connections requests. Blacklisting a host, for example, can be useful when trying to configure an application to not connect to TEs configured in a tie-breaker 3rd DataCenter that is configured primarily to ensure domain majority is always achieved in the event one of the other two data centers is lost

The process to follow to blacklist a host is as follows:

Note: The Disable command will not tear down any SQL connections that were established before disable teHost was executed.


disable teHost StableID


Interactive Example

nuodb [test] > set property showHostStableId value true; show domain summary;
[broker] * localhost/ (DEFAULT_REGION) [ stableId = uuid:5a0dbe7c-8f7c-4c52-b829-6a8dfaf40ce2 ] CONNECTED
[broker] localhost/ (DEFAULT_REGION) [ stableId = uuid:2048cbbf-ef89-4fe9-a11c-61fa98931c47 ] CONNECTED
nuodb [test] > disable teHost uuid:2048cbbf-ef89-4fe9-a11c-61fa98931c47
nuodb [test] > enable teHost uuid:2048cbbf-ef89-4fe9-a11c-61fa98931c47