Delete StorageGroup

This is a NuoDB Manager command. See NuoDB Manager.


This command enables you to delete unavailable storage groups from a database. For help on determining unavailability, see Interactive Example

Deleting a storage group resolves all stranded transactions that have been waiting for that storage group to come online.

A storage group can only be deleted from the database if it was previously removed from all online SMs. See Remove StorageGroups.

When a storage group dies, or you know that a dead storage group will never be restarted, you must delete it.


delete storageGroup $name $database
    name storage_group_name
    database database_name     


Interactive Example

To confirm unavailability of a storage group (after running of the remove storageGroups command), run the show storageGroups command (see Show StorageGroups) to display storage groups that the database currently contains (in this example, the database is named test) :

nuodb [domain] > show storageGroups
Database: test 
[id=10] SG1  Unavailable

After confirming that a storage group (for example SG1) is unavailable, delete that storage group from the database:

nuodb [domain] > delete storageGroup
Storage group name: SG1
Database: test

Scripting Example

In nuodbmgr, $ parameters are given keyword style. To delete the SG1 storage group from a database named test, run the following command:

nuodbmgr --broker host --password password \
    --command "delete storageGroup name SG1 database test"


nuodb [domain] > delete storageGroup
Storage group name: SG1
Database: test
Failure: Failed to delete storage group: The storage group cannot be deleted because an SM is serving it.