Capture Database

This is a NuoDB Manager command. See NuoDB Manager.


Take a snapshot of a running database configuration and store it to a file. See Restart Database for more information about using the configuration file to restart an unmanaged database.

Note: To stop and restart a database, simply use the NuoDB Manager shutdown database and restart database commands.

See the following:

Caution: Managed databases are deprecated. See the Start a Database and Restart Database  commands for how to operate unmanaged databases.


capture database database_name dbFile file_name


Interactive Examples

Scripting Example

The same capture database command can be executed with --command as follows:

nuodbmgr --broker host --password password \
    --command "capture database test dbFile ./mydb.desc"

Migrating from Managed Databases

For more information see Deprecation of Managed Databases and Template Support