Agent Deprovision

This is a NuoDB Manager command. See NuoDB Manager.


The agent deprovision command is a mechanism for deprovisioning a broker that has shut down and may not have removed itself from the domain. With the removeSelfOnShutdown property (see NuoDB Manager Properties) set to true, a broker will remove itself when shutting down gracefully (kill -TERM or service stop). With removeSelfOnShutdown=false, which is the default, the broker will need to be explicitly removed from the durable domain configuration. This is because the broker shutdown is considered a failure, unless of course the broker just happens to restart. The agent deprovision command removes the broker from the durable domain configuration. For more information, see Deprovisioning Brokers.

An alternative for removing a host from the domain is to invoke the NuoDB Manager shutdown host command and set the shutdownHost and removeFromMembership parameters to true. See Shutdown Host.


agent deprovision { serverId server_id | stableId stable_id }


Interactive Examples

Scripting Example

The same agent deprovision commands can be executed with --command as follows:

$ nuodbmgr --broker host --password password \
    --command "agent deprovision serverId -8240940632152760377"


$ nuodbmgr --broker host --password password \
    --command "agent deprovision stableId uuid:913cefd3-13dd-484d-ab2d-ee9b92627f54"