Managing Storage Groups

A storage group is a logical storage unit that can be serviced by one or more SMs in your database.

Storage groups are associated with SMs in one of two ways. You can use the add storageGroup command in nuodbmgr. If a storage group does not exist in the database, it will be created. Alternatively, you can specify that an SM should service a particular storage group by using the database option, storage-group and the start process sm NuoDB Manager command.

You may remove a storage group which results in a SM no longer serving that storage group. You may also delete a storage group which results in the elimination of a storage group from the database entirely.

Using NuoDB Manager's show storageGroups command, you can display information about storage groups in your domain.

About Storage-Group All

Specifying storage-group all for a SM means that this Storage Manager (SM) will service all storage groups, including the UNPARTITIONED storage group.

nuodb [domain/test] > start process sm
Process command-line options (optional): storage-group all
Archive directory: /var/opt/nuodb/production-archives/test
Initialize archive (optional): true
Started: [SM] ip-172-31-0-68/ (us-west-2) [ pid = 3916 ] [ db = test ] [ nodeId = 6 ] ACTIVE

Note: You can specify storage-group all only when a SM is initially added to the database, not during runtime or after later restarts.

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