Managing Resources in AWS Deployments

This sections lists ideas for monitoring and tweaking your database resource usage.

Refer to the Setting Up Failure Detection for information regarding failure detection. Note that on AWS EC2 instances, failure detection scenarios are hampered because sockets take a while to be cleared, so running without failure detection can be particularly problematic.

If you plan on saving the EC2 instance as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) from which to clone other instances, then do not start the broker or agent process. If you do, it will create a "stableId" in the /var/opt/nuodb folder and in the durable domain configuration. If you then later try to peer the two machines together, they will conflict because of the duplicate stableId. If you do start the broker/agent for testing purposes, just wipe the system clean before snapshotting the machine and especially delete files under /var/opt/nuodb.