Loading Dumped Files into NuoDB Target Database

The NuoDB Migrator load command uses the files created by the dump command to generate the objects and load the data into a target NuoDB database. This load process will dynamically transform the XML file generated from the dump processing into DDL SQL statements and execute these DDL SQL statements in NuoDB. For performance reasons, by default, these DDL SQL statements are not written to a file. There is a NuoDB Migrator tool properties file that contains a JDBC connection setting that can be uncommented to log these DDL SQL statements to a file (see NuoDB Migrator Properties File).

The following NuoDB Migrator load command will generate and load objects into a target NuoDB database using output generated by the NuoDB Migrator tool dump processing:

nuodb-migrator load                          \
        --target.url=jdbc:target_jdbc_url \
        --target.schema=my_schema         \
        --target.username=userid          \
        --target.password=passwd          \

The NuoDB Migrator load command will inspect and transform the XML file generated by the dump processing. It will execute DDL SQL commands that are supported by the NuoDB SQL syntax. This processing has certain default behaviors that can be overridden by using NuoDB Migrator load command line options. The transformation processing will:

SeeNuoDB Migrator Load Command options for a complete list of command line options and examples of their usage.