Launching NuoDB Home

The NuoDB Home is a browser-based tool that provides access to NuoDB tools, demos, documentation and samples. It is the first stop on this quick tour of NuoDB.

Displaying NuoDB Home

To display the NuoDB Home page on Windows, look in your system tray for the NuoDB System Tray application, indicated by the NuoDB bird icon:

To display the NuoDB Home page on Linux:

  1. If you have not yet started NuoDB services then follow the operating system specific steps provided in Starting and Stopping NuoDB Services. For example:

    sudo service nuoagent start
    sudo service nuorestsvc start
  2. After NuoDB services have been started, display the NuoDB Home page, which is at http://localhost:8888. During installation, if you customized the default port of 8888 then specify that port.

What You See

The NuoDB Home opens with a page like the following, which provides links to the latest information and news about NuoDB:

Click the NuoDB menu icon in the upper right hand corner of the page. This displays the NuoDB Home menu options page as shown here.

The menu offers these choices:

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