System Table Description


This is a pseudo table, similar to GLOBALATOMS, except generated to show only atomThe internal object structure representing all data in a NuoDB database. Atoms are self-coordinating objects that represent specific types of information (such as data, indexes or schemas).s for tables, and only those atoms local to the TE to which the client is connected (See GLOBALATOMS System Table Description).

Caution: Client applications should never contain code that accesses SYSTEM pseudo tables as they are subject to, and furthermore likely to, change from release to release.


Like SYSTEM.GLOBALATOMS, most fields in LOCALTABLEATOMS are not of much interest to the user.

Field Type Description
SCHEMA string The SQL schema in which the database object for the atom resides.
TABLENAME string The name of the table associated with the atom.
OBJECTID integer A unique ID identifying the database object.
CATALOGID integer Atom catalog id.
TABLECATALOGID integer Table catalog id.
CARDINALITY bigint The number of rows in the associated table.
POPULATED boolean Internal flag given state of the atom.
OPEN boolean Internal flag given state of the atom.
COMPLETE boolean Internal flag given state of the atom.
REFCOUNT integer Reference count for this table atom.
INCARNATION bigint The number of versions of this atom that have existed.
CHAIRMAN integer Node ID of the chairman for this atom.
REQUESTEDFROM integer Node ID of the TE from where this atom was serialized.
DIRTY boolean True if this atom has data that needs to be written to the backing store, that is, recorded by the SM.
RECORDSBATCHFACTOR integer Number of records we attempt to put into each RECORDDATA atom.