LOCALSTATEMENTS System Table Description


A pseudo table generated to show the statement cache for the transaction engine (TE) to which the client is currently connected. The statement cache is a cache of pre-compiled DML (Data Manipulation Language) statements.

Caution: Client applications should never contain code that accesses SYSTEM pseudo tables as they are subject to, and furthermore likely to, change from release to release.


Field Type Description
CACHEHITS integer The number of times this statement has been executed since being stored in the cache.
LASTEXECUTION timestamp The timestamp of the last execution of this statement.
STATUS string

Valid - available for execution

  • Invalid -not available for execution.
  • Killed - current executions were killed and it is not available for execution
  • Invalid and Killed mean the statement will soon be removed from the cache
NAMESPACE string Qualifies the statement with this namespace. Typically this is the schema name with which the statement was compiled.
STATEMENT string The SQL string in the compiled statement.
ID integer A unique ID identifying the compiled statement in the cache.
EXPLAIN string The EXPLAIN string for the SQL statement. The EXPLAIN string describes the execution plan and index usage for the statement. See EXPLAIN for more information.