LOCALINDEXATOMS System Table Description


A pseudo table generated for internal debugging purposes only. This table does not provide much information for users. It contains information about all NuoDB atomThe internal object structure representing all data in a NuoDB database. Atoms are self-coordinating objects that represent specific types of information (such as data, indexes or schemas).s used in indexes, and in particular information about their encoding.

Caution: Client applications should never contain code that accesses SYSTEM pseudo tables as they are subject to, and furthermore likely to, change from release to release.


Field Type Description
SCHEMA string The schema in which the index was created
TABLENAME string The table name on which the index exists
INDEXNAME string The name of the index
OBJECTID integer The ID for the database object
CATALOGID integer The catalog ID for the database object
ENCODING string An internal string representing the encoding used for this index.
CODE integer A value which maps to the index type.
FLAGS integer

Bitmask where:

  • 1 = always auto generated
TYPE integer

Index type:

  • 0 = Primary Key
  • 1 = Unique Index
  • 2 = Secondary Index