Known Issues

Release 3.0.1

This is a list of the current known issues for release 3.0.1:

NO PAD collation

NuoDB does not support the NO PAD collation option. This can have unexpected results when comparing two strings where one is a substring of the other. E.g:

XA support


The ALTER TABLE command is not supported for temporary tables. The workaround is to create a permanent table if it needs to be altered.

Renaming of Triggers and Indexes

Renaming of Triggers and Indexes is not supported. The workaround is to drop and recreate the Trigger or Index with the new name.

DDL statements

Case sensitivity issues

If objects created with case sensitivity using quotes (e.g. CREATE TABLE ""MyTable""), to drop those objects successfully, the same case sensitivity and quotes must be used (e.g. DROP TABLE ""MyTable""). If the object is dropped without quotes (and making the name case insensitive), then no error is returned but the object is not fully dropped.

Global temporary tables

Global temporary tables are not supported. There is no workaround.

Trigger issues

Removing a SG from a SM

When a Storage Group is removed from a Storage Manager, the on disk files for the remove data are not automatically deleted. To remove these files, nuochk must be used.

SELECT statement issues

Index issues


NuoDB converts string literals to UTC timestamps (or DateTime types) ignoring the timezone information. To get around this issue, users must always supply timestamps and date-times values in the absolute (UTC timezone) value.

Updatable cursors

When working with updatable cursors (cursors created specifying the FOR UPDATE clause), users must make sure to not reference rows after they have been deleted. Failure to do so will lead to a connection reset. For example, do not use the syntax as shown below. It will result in a connect reset at the

Column Issues

ALTER sequence

Trying to alter a sequence to set the start value equal to a value less than the ceiling does not generate an error. While no error is returned, the operation also does not change the start value.

TABLE issues

Schema issues

Domain issues

Queries issues

Aggregate functions

Decimal Values​

Decimal values can erroneously be returned to clients as one of the three integer types (SMALLINT, INTEGER, BIGINT) along with a scale.

​JDBC driver​

Nuodbmgr commands

Database processes

Nuochk issues

Nuochk only validates an archive from a single Storage Manager. If Storage Groups are used and a transaction spans multiple Storage Managers, it is possible that nuochk may incorrectly report missing record errors. The workaround is to start up all the Storage Managers for all of the Storage Groups, allow the Storage Managers to complete recovery and then run nuochk on a single archive.

Release 3.0

This is a list of the current known issues for release 3.0.

Aggregate functions

TRUNCATE command

When using multiple statements in a single call, the TRUNCATE command can only be used if it is the first statement in the call. If it is not, an error is returned.

C++ driver method