Identifying Currently Running Slow Queries Using Automation Console

It is possible to detect currently running slow queries in the Automation Console, in addition to querying SYSTEM.CONNECTIONS. To access slow query information, go to the database detail page, by clicking Databases in the left panel and then selecting which database you want to investigate.

To see all active queries that are running against the selected database, select the Active Slow Queries tab.

Information displayed in the Active Slow Queries tab includes the elapsed time the query has been running, the user running the query, the database, the host on which the query is running, and the process ID of the transaction engine (TE) executing the query. This is equivalent to the data displayed in SYSTEM.CONNECTIONS.

Unlike most of the Automation Console, for performance reasons, the Active Slow Queries tab does not automatically refresh. If a suspected slow query does not display or to update the elapsed time information, click the refresh button next to the Actions pulldown menu.

To kill a slow query, select the checkbox next to one or more queries and then choose Actions | Kill Statements.