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Filtering SQL Explorer Context Tree Display

To limit the number of objects that SQL Explorer displays under Schemas, Columns, Procedures or Functions, you can apply a filter. This can be useful for Databases that contain a large number of objects or for a table that has many columns. To apply a filter, right-click the object you want to apply the filter to. For example, the following image shows that System Tables is the context and that the pop-up menu offers Set Filter.

Select Set Filter to display the Set Filter dialog. In the dialog field, specify a filter value, which is case insensitive. For example:

If you specify index and click OK then only those tables whose name includes index appear in the context tree:

This filter applies to only this schema. Drilling down into other schemas displays the full object list. To remove the filter, right-click System Tables, select Add Filter, clear the filter value and select OK.

Filters are transient, that is, when you exit SQL Explorer the filters are not saved.