FUNCTIONCOLUMNS System Table Description


Maintains, for each SQL or Java User Defined Function, a list of INPUT parameters. In addition to a row in this table for each input parameter, an additional row will be generated for the return value defined for the function.


Field Type Description
SCHEMA string The schema in which the user defined function was created.
FUNCTIONNAME string The name of the user defined function.
PARAMETERCOUNT integer The number of INPUT parameters. Functions only have INPUT parameters. They do not have OUTPUT parameters. This is used to ensure uniqueness of functions within a schema. More than one function can be defined in a schema with the same name providing the number of INPUT parameters is different.
NAME string The name of the parameter. If the row is for the returned variable of the function, this NAME column has an empty string value (which is not a NULL value).
TYPE integer Indicates the type of the parameter: 1 for an IN parameter, 2 for an INOUT, 4 for an OUT parameter
DATATYPE integer The integer for the type as represented by the ID column in SYSTEM.DATATYPES (see DATATYPES System Table Description
DATATYPENAME string The type as represented by the NAME column in SYSTEM.DATATYPES.
PRECISION integer The precision specified for a fixed precision numeric, CHAR or BINARY type; the max precision possible for other numeric types
LENGTH integer Length associated with the data type - this is the precision assigned to a CHAR or BINARY type or the size in bytes of the type
SCALE integer The scale specified for a fixed precision numeric type
OCTET_LENGTH integer The size in bytes of the parameter
ORDINAL integer The placement of this parameter in the function call. This value equals 0 for the row that is reserved for the returned value of a function.




See the example for SYSTEM.FUNCTIONS for the usage of this table (FUNCTIONS System Table Description).