Example of Starting a Snapshot Storage Manager

The command line below starts a snapshot storage manager on the local host. This SSM is part of the test database, it stores its archive in the /var/opt/nuodb/development-archives/test directory and its snapshots in /var/opt/nuodb/development-archives/test/snapshots.

$ nuodbmgr --broker myHost --password myDomainPw
NuoDB host version: 3.1: Professional Edition
nuodb [domain] > start process ssm 
   host localhost 
   database test 
   archive /var/opt/nuodb/development-archives/test 
   snapshotArchive /var/opt/nuodb/development-archives/test/snapshots 
   options '--snapshot-min-size 50 --snapshot-max-size 200'
Started: [SSM] (DEFAULT_REGION) [ pid = 32603 ] [ db = test ] [ nodeId = 1 ] RUNNING
nuodb [domain/test] >

As you can see, the NuoDB Manager prompt now shows the test database because NuoDB Manager just operated on that database. Subsequent nuodbmgr commands that operate on a database will operate on the test database. To operate on a different database, you can invoke the nuodbmgr command manage database db_name and specify the name of the database you want to operate on.