Example of Invoking Hot Copy on a Storage Manager

Suppose you want to make a copy of the test database. The database has a storage manager running on the host storage1.example.com. You run the hot copy on that target host. On the target host, choose a destination directory in which to store the copy.

In the hot copy command:

Here is an example of a hot copy command that specifies test_archive_hotcopy050515 as the destination archive directory:

$ nuodbmgr --broker myHost --password myDomainPw
NuoDB host version: 2.6: Professional Edition
nuodb [domain] > hotcopy database test destinationArchiveDirectory 
     test_archive_hotcopy050515 host storage1.example.com
Hot copy to /var/opt/nuodb/production-archives/test_archive_hotcopy050515 
     completed on storage1.example.com, pid 12345
$ nuodb [domain] >

The hot copy operation does the following: