Example of Identifying Snapshots to Remove

Suppose you want to use no more than one gigabyte for retained snapshots. You would enter a command such as the following:

$ nuodbmgr --broker myHost --password myDomainPw
NuoDB host version: 3.1: Professional Edition
nuodb [domain] > prune snapshots database test maxStorage 1G file /tmp/remove_these_albums
Prune snapshots completed on myhost-jdoe-mac, pid 26726
nuodb [domain] >

Execution of this command operates on the SSM on the local host. Since neither host nor process ID is specified, there must be exactly one SSM on the local host and there can be no storage managers on the local host. The result is a list of albums that can be removed, which is in the /tmp/remove_these_albums file. If you physically remove the identified snapshots, the remaining snapshots use no more than one gigabyte of storage space.