Example of Hot Copy Error

Suppose that the /hotcopyResults directory does not exist. Execution of the hotcopy command with an archive destination of /hotcopyResults/test_archive would fail and you would see a message such as the following:

nuodb [domain] > show process status host localhost pid 16689

NodeID: 1  NodeState: RUNNING  Clients: 0 
Hot Copy: Hot copy to /hotcopyResults/test_archive 
failed: Unable to create archive directory “/hotcopyResults/test_archive.incomplete" 
(No such file or directory)

In the previous error message, notice that the name of the archive directory that could not be created is /hotcopyResults/test_archive.incomplete. During hot copy execution, NuoDB adds the .incomplete extension to indicate that the hot copy is in progress. The extension is removed when the hot copy successfully completes. However, in the situation where the hot copy operation fails, you might find instances of the .incomplete extension in your file system. It is up to you to remove any directories and files with a .incomplete extension. NuoDB does not store the location of .incomplete directories and files.

If there is a failure during execution of a hot copy then you must start a new hot copy operation. You cannot resume the failed operation. A failure can be, for example, unexpected termination of the SM or SSM, or a disk failure.