Environment Variables

All NuoDB tools can find required libraries and configuration files based on the location of the tool. This is the case whether NuoDB is installed by a package installer in a default location or you install NuoDB in a non-default location. You need only ensure that the NuoDBInstallDir/bin directory can be found from the PATH environment variable, where NuoDBInstallDir is the directory in which NuoDB was installed.

If for some reason you need to run a NuoDB tool from a directory outside the NuoDB installation directory then you can set environment variables to help find required libraries and files. For example, you might have a reason to copy a tool such as nuosql to a directory other than NuoDBInstalldir/bin.

The following table provides information about NuoDB environment variables.

Environment Variable Linux Default for rpm or deb Installation Linux Default for tar Installation Windows Default Description
NUODB_HOME /opt/nuodb None %PROGRAM_FILES%\NuoDB Directory that contains the NuoDB installation.
NUODB_CFGDIR /etc/nuodb $NUODB_HOME/var/etc %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\nuodb Contains persistent, per system, configuration information such as security keys and configuration overrides.
NUODB_VARDIR /var/opt/nuodb $NUODB_HOME/var/opt %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\nuodb Contains persistent, per system, data that should persist across reboots, for example, sample archive directories.
NUODB_RUNDIR /var/run/nuodb $NUODB_HOME/var/run %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\nuodb\run Contains non-persistent, per system, information, for example, process ID files.
NUODB_LOGDIR /var/log/nuodb $NUODB_HOME/var/log %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\nuodb\LogFiles Contains NuoDB log files.
NUODB_CRASHDIR $NUODB_LOGDIR/crash $NUODB_LOGDIR/crash %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\crash Contains crash reports for NuoDB system processes, that is, the NuoDB application itself and not user-invoked processes such as nuosql.