Enabling NuoDB Insights and Acquiring Your Subscriber ID (nuoagent deployments)

After you install NuoDB in a physical or virtual machine deployment, you can enable NuoDB Insights.

To enable NuoDB Insights, do the following:

  1. Run the enable_insights.sh command.
    After running the enable command, a message displays notifying you that you are about to enable the NuoDB Insights plugin.
  2. When prompted, enter Y to opt into NuoDB Insights.
    After you enter Y, a hosted Insights service generates your unique Insights Subscriber ID.

Note: The enable_insights.sh command needs to be run only from one node in each NuoDB domain.

Note: Whether NuoDB was installed using a tarball installation or a package (RPM) installation, the enable_insights.sh command must be run as the user (usually root) that installed NuoDB.

NuoDB Insights then begins capturing database and system metrics that are then available to you when accessing Insights with your unique Subscriber ID and Dashboard URL.

Identifying Your NuoDB Insight's Subscriber ID

After installing NuoDB Insights, and you have forgotten or misplaced your subscriber ID for NuoDB Insights, run the following cat command to identify your subscriber ID:

cat ${NUODB_CFGDIR}/insights.sub.id

Note: In environments where NuoDB has been installed using a Debian Package Utility, edit the above script to include /etc/nuodb (rather than the {NUODB_CFGDIR} directory).

Note: In environments where NuoDB has been installed using a Linux tar file, the directory, where insights.sub.id is located, is user configurable and can vary.