Descriptions of Domain Event Alarm Types

NuoDB defines the following alarm types but note that Enforcer Alarm Types have been deprecated in NuoDB version 3.0.

Alarm Type Description

A command that requires consensus to update the durable domain configuration failed. Typically, this is caused when broker quorum does not exist and you try to, for example, create a database, add a host, change a host tag. For details about when broker quorum is required, see About Broker Quorum.

DatabaseActive A database is active when the first TE is running.
DatabaseInactive A database is inactive when the last TE has stopped.
DatabaseStarted A database has started means the first process joined (either TE or SM) regardless of state.
DatabaseStopped A database has stopped means the last process has left (either TE or SM) regardless of state.
EnforcerFailed The enforcer, that governs starting and stopping processes according to the template, failed.
EnforcerNodeBackoff The enforcer skipped a retry of the failed database process due to its back-off policy. This alarm will report the amount of time that the failed process was up (uptime), when the next retry will happen, and this retry count. For more information see .Setting Up Automatic Restart of Processes
EnforcerNodeBackoffMaxRetried The enforcer has skipped one or more retries of a failed database process and has reached the maximum number of retries allowed as governed by the database option backoff.maxRetry.
NodeFailed A TE or SM process is unable to start. NodeFailed is generated when a process fails to start. Since the process never advertised its state to the broker, it is unknown which database it was meant to join. The process typically fails to start with something like a bad database option or archive not found, etc. The agent log file should contain more details about the specific problem.
NodeJoined A NuoDB process (TE or SM) has joined the database.
NodeLeft A TE or SM has left the database.
PeerJoined A host has joined the domain.
PeerLeft A host has left the domain.
StatAlert A change in NuoDB or OS metrics has occurred.