Description of Logging Categories

When you turn on logging, you can specify any of the following logging categories to indicate the information that you want to see in the log file. You can do this when using NuoDB Manager. For a NuoDB Manager example, see About Dynamic Logging.

Logging Category Description
archive Storage manager messages.
atomsEverything in NuoDB is made out of Atoms, both Data and Metadata are saved as a unit called Atom. Any Atom can serialize itself, transmit its serialized contents to a new replica, send replication messages to replicas of itself. TEs operate on Atoms, listen for changes, and communicate changes with other TEs in the database. The SM allows Atoms to serialize themselves to permanent storage. Low level atom processing messages.
atom-gc Messages about garbage collection of deleted table, schema, index , or sequence atoms.
bootstrap Messages sent during SQL bootstrap operations. This usually involves creating, updating and loading system tables.
client-msgs Messages sent to and received from SQL clients.
ddl-audit Generates a log entry for each DDL statement executed. For an example of the log entries generated by ddl-audit, see Description of Logging Categories.
dump Atom information messages.
failure Failure detection messages from transaction engines and storage managers. This information is available only when the --ping-timeout database option is not set to 0. A setting of 0 disables automatic detection of process failure.

Messages that match both the logging priority level and the logging category. For example:

verbose error,warn,services,filter

This database option restricts log output to error and warning messages for the services category.

flush This category is deprecated. It was for internal use.
gc Garbage collection messages.
histograms Messages related to SQL histogram data used for index optimization.
hotcopy Messages related to hot copy execution. For details of one message logged, see Understanding this Hot Copy Log Message.

NuoDB SQL client debug messages about encoding.

index Index atom messages. This information might be helpful to NuoDB technical support.
journal Journal messages from storage managers.
msgs Messages sent among NuoDB processes.
net Network information regarding messages being sent among NuoDB processes.
opt-index-selection SQL index selection messages.
opt-joins SQL join optimization messages.
ping Messages checking connectivity between NuoDB processes.
records Messages regarding the internal records that represent data in NuoDB.
record-reuse Messages tracking assignment and reuse of record IDs.
registry Information messages about databases, schemas and sequences. This information might be helpful to NuoDB technical support.
scheduler Not currently used.
security Messages detailing login events. Each message provides details for username, IP address, schema name, database name, as well as confirming whether login succeeded or failed.
services Messages related to problems with a client connection to a broker.
sql Miscellaneous messages related to SQL statement and query processing.
sql-index-condition-filtering Messages to facilitate understanding of the REJECTEDINDEXHINTS column in SYSTEM.LASTSTATEMENT (see LASTSTATEMENT System Table Description). A sample message is "Rejected index entry in index DEPENDENCIES..PRIMARY_KEY of table SYSTEM.DEPENDENCIES because column 3 (DEPENDENCYTYPE) has key 81 04 that is greater than requested key fragment 80 ".
sql-params Messages related to parameters given in SQL parameterized statements.
sql-statements This category prints the SQL text. If any other sql- log category is selected, the sql-statements category must be included. If any combination of the sql-statements, sql-params, sql-statement-explain-plans, and sql-statement-metrics categories are enabled, then the selected categories will be printed as one unit of text, without interruptions from different transaction threads.
sql-statement-explain-plans This category prints the query execution plan that was selected for the statement being executed, complete with execution counters, where available.
sql-statement-metrics This category prints the following information:
stats Messages regarding performance statistics.
table-events Between transaction engines, these messages are about SQL DDL changes. This information might be helpful to NuoDB technical support.
threads Messages about threads in transaction engines and storage managers.
transactions This category is deprecated. It is supported for backwards compatiblity only. Use tx instead.
tx Messages about transaction processing.
validate Messages about database object validation.