Deprecated Features

The following features are deprecated in this release. It is expected that these features will be removed in a future release.

Use of Agents

In this release, the use of agents is not supported. Use brokers instead.

Referencing a Column Alias

In previous releases, you could reference a column alias in the WHERE, GROUP BY, or HAVING clause within a SELECT statement. This is no longer supported. This change was made to avoid ambiguous name resolution. For example, "SELECT field as F FROM table WHERE F > 0" is no longer supported. See also: SELECT.

Managed Databases and Template Support

Managed databases have been deprecated for new installations. No new features or capabilities will be added to managed databases. Managed databases will continue to be supported for existing customers using managed databases. As part of the deprecation of managed databases the following changes have been made:

Note: We recommend that users with Managed databases start planning their migrations away from the Managed approach using the Capture File and Restart Database commands. Then, to operate their databases use the start process, restart database, and shutdown commands to create, add and stop TE/SM processes, and restart and shutdown databases.

Safe Commit and Managed Databases

Safe commit is the default for managed databases and stock templates from NuoDB version 3.0. For existing managed databases, you must shut down and restart using the new setting if you wish to deploy Safe commit mode.

For further information, see Deprecation of Managed Databases and Template Support

For a list of key features removed from this release, see End of Life Features.