Deprecated Features

Deprecated Features for NuoDB 3.3.1


Deprecated Features for NuoDB 3.3

The following features are deprecated in NuoDB 3.3. It is expected that these features will be removed in a future release.

Data Types Supported

Support for non-standard SQL data types DATEONLY, TINYINT and TIMEONLY has been deprecated and references to these have been removed from documentation.

Ubuntu Support

Support for Ubuntu 14.04 has been deprecated. For details of the version currently supported, see System Requirements.

NuoDB Check

NuoDB Check (nuochk) is deprecated with the release of NuoDB 3.3. All existing NuoDB Check commands will continue to work as expected, however the new NuoDB Archive Utility (nuoarchive) has been released and will replace NuoDB Check in a future release. Please refer to NuoDB Archive for more information.