Deprecated Features

Deprecated features are those which exist in the product but are to be removed in a future release. NuoDB recommends that you work to remove their use from your NuoDB application(s).

For details of features removed from this release, see End Of Life Features.

Deprecated Features in NuoDB 3.4.2

NuoDB 3.4.2 includes the following deprecated features:

NuoDB Command's Region Option

In deployments of NuoDB managed by NuoDB AdminAn interface for domain and database management. NuoDB Admin (nuoadmin) may be used instead of nuoagent and nuorestsvc services. When using nuoadmin, use nuocmd instead of the nuodbmgr Command Line Interface (CLI) tool., the region option has been removed from the output of NuoDB Command's nuocmd show command when displaying a database process listing.

To assign database processes to locations, NuoDB recommends using NuoDB Command's start process command with the process labeling feature, that is, the --label argument.

Deprecated Features in NuoDB 3.4.1

NuoDB 3.4.1 includes the following deprecated features:


Deprecated Features in NuoDB 3.4

NuoDB 3.4 includes the following deprecated features:

32-bit Windows Clients

32-bit Windows clients for NuoDB SQL, NuoDB Loader, the C++ driver, the C driver, and the ODBC driver are deprecated. Support for them will be removed in a future release; when that takes place, only 64-bit Windows clients will be supported.

Features Deprecated Following the Introduction of Transactional DDL

With the introduction of Transactional DDL, the following features have been deprecated: