Deprecated Features

Deprecated features are those which exist in the product but are to be removed in a future release. NuoDB recommends that you work to remove their use from your NuoDB application(s).

For details of features removed from this release, see End Of Life Features.

Deprecated Features in NuoDB 4.0

NuoDB 4.0 includes the following deprecated features:

NuoAgent for Domain and Database Management

NuoAgent is NuoDB's original interface for domain and database management. With the release of NuoDB 4.0, NuoAgent has been deprecated and is superseded by NuoDB Admin (nuoadmin) - the new and improved interface for domain and database management. While in deprecation, NuoAgent remains fully supported, but enters its end-of-life phase which means than new feature, or enhancement, requests for NuoAgent deployment models will no longer be accepted.

Database administrators that are using NuoAgent for domain and database management should start to plan their migrations to NuoDB Admin. NuoDB Admin is available in this release and is the default management interface for domain and database management. Documentation supporting physical and VMware deployments of NuoDB, that are managed by NuoAgent, has been moved to Deployment Models.

SQL System Properties

Following changes to the READ COMMITTED transaction isolation level, the SKIP_UNCOMMITTED_INSERT property is no longer valid. Newly inserted rows are always skipped, regardless of the property.

For more information on valid system properties see SQL System Properties.