Physical or VMware Environments (nuoadmin)

Note: This section provides information relevant to deploying NuoDB in Physical or VMware Environments when NuoDB Admin (nuoadmin) is being used.

Preview: NuoDB Admin (nuoadmin) is an alternative to the existing domain and database management interface. The nuoadmin service may be used instead of nuoagent and nuorestsvc services. When using nuoadmin, use nuocmd instead of the nuodbmgr Command Line Interface (CLI) tool.

Note: NuoDB Admin (nuoadmin) is the default admin service for the Red Hat OpenShift deployment model.

NuoDB plans to deploy NuoDB Admin as the default administrative interface in a future release. For now, NuoDB Admin is available to customers for trialing in development and or test environments to evaluate the new interface and benefits it offers. Benefits which NuoDB Admin has to offer over the existing domain and database management interface include:

Only one administrative management interface can run at any given time but it is possible to simply toggle between the existing administrative management interface and NuoDB Admin.

For more information on trialing NuoDB Admin in your environment, contact NuoDB support (for customers only).

Note: NuoDB Admin in current bare metal/virtual machine deployments of NuoDB does not yet support NuoDB Insights monitoring. However, support is planned for a future release of NuoDB.

You must install NuoDB on each host in your NuoDB domain. Before installation, see System Requirements. After installation, you add the host to the domain.

If you are upgrading from a previous NuoDB release, see Upgrading to a New Release before you install the newer NuoDB release.

Installation instructions are in the following topics:

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