Using DbVisualizer and NuoDB

DbVisualizer fully supports NuoDB databases right out of the box. This documentation is not meant to be a full user guide for DbVisualizer. It is designed to help you get started with NuoDB. See for more information about DbVisualizer. The examples below use the SQL QuickStart database running on an Amazon EC2 instance. See Running the SQL QuickStart for more information.

  1. Create a NuoDB database connection in DbVisualizer by bringing up the New Connection Wizard.

  2. Click Next. Choose NuoDB from the pulldown list of DbVisualizer available drivers:

  3. Click Next. Enter NuoDB connection parameters.

  4. Click Ping Server if you'd like to check your connection.

  5. Click OK and Finish. That's it, navigate to the HOCKEY table for example, as you would do with any other database in DbVisualizer.