Database Options for When SSMs Open New Albums

The table below describes the database options for controlling when an SSM closes one album and starts adding snapshots to a new album. NuoDB recommends that you use the default settings for these options. The following considerations might help you determine when it makes sense to change an option setting:

Database Option Default Units Description
--snapshot-min-time 60 Seconds

Sets the minimum length of time that an album must be open. After this length of time, the SSM can start writing snapshots to a new album.

--snapshot-max-time 14400 Seconds

Sets the maximum length of time that an album can be open. If an album is open for this length of time then an SSM stops writing snapshots to that album and starts writing snapshots to a new album.

--snapshot-min-size 100 Snapshots

Sets the minimum number of snapshots that an album must contain before it can be closed.

--snapshot-max-size 10000 Snapshots

Sets the maximum number of snapshots that an album can contain before it must be closed.

--snapshot-max-old-versions 150 Percent

In an album, this is the maximum ratio of old record versions to current record versions. If the addition of a records atomThe internal object structure representing all data and metadata in a NuoDB database. Atoms are self-coordinating objects that represent specific types of information (such as data, indexes, or schemas). Atoms are stored in memory on both TEs and SMs or serialized over the network and stored to disk by SMs. See also Storage Manager (SM). to an album crosses this threshold, the SSM closes the album and begins writing snapshots to a new album.