Database Monitoring

NuoDB Insights is a monitoring tool you may use to monitor your database. This monitoring tool provides a visual dashboard that graphically displays database and system resource health for any given time period. The interface includes an easy-to-use historical drill-down function that enables review of performance activity and system resource metrics to help better understand, at-a-glance, the overall health of a NuoDB distributed database. The information can be used to verify performance results or make decisions about how to troubleshoot and optimize your NuoDB database, its processes, and its associated resources.

Note: Database monitoring using NuoDB Insights is not currently supported in current physical/virtual machine deployments of NuoDB that use NuoDB Admin (nuoadmin) for domain and database management. However, support is planned for a future release of NuoDB.

Note: For planning purposes, NuoDB Insights uses (approximately) < 0.5% CPU and < 3% memory in our measured benchmark testing.

NuoDB Insights data includes logs, metrics, and other diagnostic information presented in a dedicated and secure website. NuoDB Insights offers the following functionality:

About NuoDB Collection Agent

NuoDB Insights is the presentation layer that provides a graphical UI to view the information collected by NuoDB Collection Agent (NuoCA). NuoDB Collection Agent is a flexible agent that can run on one or more nodes to collect time-series metrics data and event data (in real time). NuoDB Collection Agent is flexible enough to collect data from multiple input sources. Examples of some inputs are:

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