Creating Your First Database

These instructions assume that you have installed the NuoDB software and chosen to automatically start the NuoDB services. If you have not started NuoDB services, it is necessary to do so manually. See Starting and Stopping NuoDB Services.

Use NuoDB Manager commands to create ‘your first database’ as follows:

From a Linux prompt, create a database SM and TE process:

$ nuodbmgr --broker <hostname> --password <domain password>

nuodb [domain] > start process sm database <dbname> host <hostname> archive /var/opt/nuodb/production-archives/<dbname> initialize true
nuodb [domain] > start process te database <dbname> host <hostname> options '--dba-user dba --dba-password <password>’

Congratulations! You have created your first NuoDB database! You can view your new database using the following command.

nuodb [domain] > show domain summary

Save a database description file to easily restart your database later.

nuodb [domain] > capture database <dbname> dbFile /directory/<dbname>.descnuodb 
nuodb [domain] > exit