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Creating Tables Using SQL Explorer

To create a table:

  1. In the context tree, select the schema that you want the new table to be in.
  2. In the Database Hierarchy menubar, click (New) | Table.
  3. In the New Table dialog, enter the name of the new table and click OK.
  4. In the table configuration form that SQL Explorer displays in the query editor (see the image below), click in a field to activate it. Identify the primary key and add column names and associated data as required. As you add data, SQL Explorer adds SQL statements to the SQL Data Definition panel.
  5. When you are done defining the table click Execute in the query editor menubar. This saves the table definition and you can now see the new table in the context tree.

To cancel the addition of a table, close the tab in which you are defining the table and click No in the popup that prompts you to confirm that you do not want to save the table.