Creating Databases

A database is created using a template, which is an SLA (sevice level agreement) that governs database options, process control, as well as scale-out requirements. See Using Database Templates and Setting Database Options for Managed Databases for more information.

A database is comprised at minimum of one storage manager (SM) and one transaction engine (TE) on one or more hosts in a NuoDB domain. Creating a simple database on a single laptop is the same as creating a database for scale-out across multiple data centers.

The Introduction to NuoDB secition explains how to create a single host database and then expand it to a minimally redundant database by selecting a different template. See Creating Your First Database and Upgrading Your First Database to Be Minimally Redundant.

NuoDB automation retry and back-off is a mechanism that enables the broker to automatically

Database options let you specify how many times and how often to retry restarting a process. It is helpful to be familiar with how this feature works before you create a database.

There are three ways to create a database:

See the following topics:

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Creating Databases Using REST API