Copying Current State from a Quiesced Database

If you do not have a redundant storage manager (SM) that can be shut down nor the resources to add another host to your database, you can quiesce your database. When the database is quiesced, follow the instructions above for Copying the Archive and Journal of the Shutdown Storage Manager.

The advantage of quiescing a database is that you do not need to provision additional resources in order to copy your database's current state. The disadvantage is that the database is temporarily unavailable because quiescing a database causes the database's transaction engines to cease operation. The quiesce operation waits for in-progress operations to finish and for all storage managers to be synchronized.

After copying current state from a quiesced database, be sure to unquiesce the database. In the Automation Console, select unquiesce. If using NuoDB Manager, invoke the nuodbmgr unquiesce command.