Changing Host Tags

To change or edit host tags, use the NuoDB Manager, or the file.

Editing Host Tags using NuoDB Manager

To edit a tag in NuoDB Manager, use the tags set command. For example:

nuodb [domain] > tags set
Tag Name: mytag
Tag value: 3

To delete a tag in NuoDB Manager, use the tags delete command. For example:

nuodb [domain] > tags delete
Tag Name: mytag

See Tags for details about the NuoDB Manager tags command.

Editing Host Tags Using

You can use the file to add, edit, or delete host tags, using the hostTags property. The format is a comma-separated list of key=value pairs, with each string token being trimmed. It is also possible to specify a key without a value as in "tag" or "tag=". For example:

hostTags = tag1 = val1, tag2, tag3=val3

hostTags = tag1 = val1, tag2=, tag3=val3

For more information, see Host Properties (

Modifying the System-Provided Host Tag for Region

The file in the NuoDB installation contains the region for the host. If the property is not set, then the default_region host tag is used, which has a value of DEFAULT_REGION. You can modify the value for this tag using any of the means above.

Modifying the System-Provided Host Tags for Archive and Journal Locations

Persistent storage for a NuoDB database archive and journal is determined given the system-provided host tags default_archive_base and default_journal_base. You can override one or the other or both of these settings, per host, using the host tags archive_base and journal_base or using database options.