Changes in this release

This section provides an overview of the major changes included with NuoDB 3.3. Where changes are associated with reported issues, a Zendesk reference number is displayed, for example (8544).


With the release of NuoDB 3.3, database upgrades that involve a database protocol version update require an additional manual step. Prior to NuoDB 3.3, the database protocol version was automatically updated when all database processes were upgraded and a Transaction Engine was started. Introduced in NuoDB 3.3, if there is a database protocol version change, the database protocol version will not be upgraded until NuoDB Manager's upgrade database command is manually issued and a Transaction Engine is started (or restarted). For more information, see Upgrading to a New Release.

.NET Data Driver Download

The .NET Data driver has been removed from the NuoDB package. Customers using the .NET driver can download from NuoDB's GitHub repository ( For more information on drivers, see About NuoDB Drivers.

Removal of SMALLDATETIME from Key Words

SMALLDATETIME has been removed from NuoDB's list of reserved key words since it is no longer used. For details of the full list available, see SQL Keywords.

Log Messages

Previously, when a database process exited on startup (for example, owing to incorrect startup parameters) and closed its connection to the broker, the log message contained only "Unknown startup failure" error messages. Now, the reason for the startup failure is also logged.

NuoDB Insights

Since the introduction of NuoDB Insights with NuoDB 3.1, the display and response time of dashboards and panels has been improved. For more information on NuoDB Insights, see Database Monitoring.


Previously, the maxActive property specified the maximum number of connections in the active state. Now, this property specifies the maximum number of connections either in the idle or active state. Previously, the minIdle property specified the minimum number of connections in the idle state. Now, this property represents the minimum number of connections that are in the idle or active state. For more information on datasource properties, see DataSource versus Driver Connections.

Data Type

Data type conversion has been expanded and is now performed on INSERT operations.

Insert Operations

Previously, for INSERT operations, no error message was displayed when the column list was omitted and the value list did not include all columns defined in the table. In this scenario, a "too few values specified in the value list" error message is now returned.

Table Locks

Table Locks (obtained using the LOCK command) are now available by default. Previously (NuoDB 3.2.2), to use the LOCK command, it was necessary to enable the TRANSACTIONAL_LOCKS system property. For more information on using the LOCK command, see LOCK.

NuoDB Manager

When using NuoDB Manager in interactive mode, the delete storageGroup command prompt "Database serving the Storage Group:" has been changed to "Database:". For more information, see Delete StorageGroup.

Log Changes

If a DDL operation is executed without a table lock being obtained, the following warning message is now logged to agent.log:

"The following operation did not acquire a table lock and could be potentially insecure: <command>"

For more information on agent.log, see Agent Log Description.