Changes in this Release

NuoDB Release 3.0 includes the following major changes:

COMMIT protocol default

The Commit protocol default has changed to 'Safe' when creating databases starting with NuoDB version 3.0. For those existing non-managed databases not running the 'safe' protocol, that need to change to 'safe', you must shut down, edit the commit option in the database capture file, and then restart the database using the new file.

EXPLAIN command output

The explain output has changed when using explain (partition_ids on). The partition name is now displayed in the explain output instead of the partition numerical id. The partition names and their ids can be found in the system.partitionids table.

EXPLAIN plan output

The EXPLAIN plan output has been updated to individually display the LIMIT and OFFSET values.

Hot Copy Operation

The destinationArchiveDirectory, destinationJournalDirectory, and destinationSnapshotDirectory directories on every SM host must be empty or an error will be generated.

Restart from a capture file

Restart from a capture file requires all SM hosts to be reachable before starting any SM processes. If any of the SM hosts are unreachable, the restart process will not start any SM processes. Different from previous releases, if any of the TE hosts are unreachable, the restart process will skip trying to start the TE process on those hosts.

Using an ON clause with aggregate functions

Using an ON clause with aggregate functions will now generate a SQL validation error.


There is now improved performance when using INSERT...ON DUPLICATE UPDATE.

nuoloader capacity

The number of columns that can be imported by the nuoloader utility has been increased to 32,000.

nuochk and -- repair flag

nuochk will now report an error if changes made by the --repair flag violate a unique constraint violation.

nuochk error messages

Changed the severity of certain messages in nuochk from errors to warnings. In this case, missing data descriptors can be safely removed to free up disk space by running nuochk --repair.

See also: Resolved Issues and Known Issues.