A pseudo table generated for internal debugging purposes only. This table does not provide much information for users. It contains information about a client connection's open statements (as opposed to SYSTEM.LOCALSTATEMENTS - see LOCALSTATEMENTS System Table Description - which provides information about all open statements local to the transaction engine to which the client is currently connected).

Caution: Client applications should never contain code that accesses SYSTEM pseudo tables as they are subject to, and furthermore likely to, change from release to release.


Field Type Description
HANDLE integer An identifier, unique only to the specific connection, that represents the executing statement. HANDLE is -1 when there is no statement running on the connection.
REFCOUNT integer Internal reference count.
OPENRESULTSETS boolean True if the statement has open result sets and false otherwise.
COMPILEDREFCOUNT integer Internal reference count.
SQLSTRING string The statement's SQL string.
PARAMS string

Parameter string — A string representing the parameters specified in the query. The string representing each parameter is of the format:



n is the number of the parameter starting at 0

type is the type of the variable, for example, integer, string.

value is the value passed in to the parameter.

Each parameter string is separated by a space. For example:

--------- ----------------------------
    2     0/string/'hello' 1/integer/