Broker Does Not Have Access Permission


Broker does not have permission to access files or executable.


Permissions on the NuoDB etc directory are too restrictive.

When you install NuoDB, brokers are started as follows:

Otherwise, the owner of a broker process is the user who explicitly starts the broker. This user also has permission to access all the processes and files that the broker requires.

Therefore, the broker owner automatically has access to files in /etc and in other areas of the installation directory as required.


If you encounter an error related to permissions for accessing a NuoDB process or folder (such as /etc), check the access settings for the processes involved. If you have started a broker as a user other than the user set as the owner by default for NuoDB processes, you could get a permissions error. The access settings for all NuoDB processes and files must match the settings for the broker process that is trying to access them.