Agent Log Description

On each host, the agent log is generated by the NuoDB agent or broker. By default, the agent log also captures output from transaction engines (TEs) and storage managers (SMs).

On Linux, the agent log is written to agent.log. For more information, see Manually rolling over agent.log.

On Windows:

Manually rolling over agent.log

To manage the amount of disk space consumed by agent logging, you can manually roll over agent.log.

Note: Perform the steps described here as: the nuodb user; a user that has nuodb user group privileges; or as the root user.

To manually roll over agent.log, do the following:

  1. Make a copy of the current log file.
    $ cp agent.log agent-Jan-04-2018.log
  2. $ gzip agent-Jan-04-2018.log
  3. Truncate agent.log.
  4. $ echo "$(tail -1000 agent.log)" > agent.log

Note: The last command truncates agent.log and retains the last 1000 lines of the current version of the file.