Adding a Storage Group to a Storage Manager

Adding a storage group to a storage manager means that the storage group will then be in service in addition to any other storage groups associated with that SM. The storage group will be created if the storage group does not already exist in the database.

A storage group is created using the add storageGroup command in nuodbmgr.

add storageGroup name sg_west host pid 970

The above command would create a storage group named sg_west associated with the SM running on host with process ID 970.

The storage group assignment to an SM can be managed using the storage-group database option, when starting an SM and initializing an archive. For example:

start process sm host database companydata 
   archive /var/opt/nuodb/production-archives/companydata initialize true options 'storage-group sgeast'

Caution: The --storage-group option is not interchangeable for add storageGroup. You can use add storageGroup to add a storage group to a running SM. That is, an SM on an archive that is already initialized. You can only use --storage-group to add storage groups to a new archive that is being initialized (when the --initialize option is set). If you attempt to add a new storage group to an archive with the --storage-group option when restarting an SM, the following error message displays:

storage group NEWNAME,cannot be added when loading an existing archive. Please 
   use the addstorageGroup command after the SM is running.

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