Adding a Redundant Storage Manager

To add a redundant storage manager:

  1. Install NuoDB software on another host. During installation, be sure to defer starting NuoDB services so you can configure the installation to join your existing domain.
  2. On the host on which you just installed NuoDB, edit the NUODB_HOME/etc/ file so that it has the correct values for the following properties. The required values are in the file on a host that is already a domain peer.

    Property Name Description of the Value
    domainPassword The password for peering into the domain.
    peer The host and optionally the port (host[:port]) of the broker to peer to.

    Other property settings particular to your domain might also be required. But the minimum requirement is to correctly set these two properties.

  3. Start the NuoDB services on your new host (see Starting and Stopping NuoDB Services). The new host should show up in your domain.
  4. Modify your database and increment the SM requirement by one. In NuoDB Manager, use the update command. A new SM should start up.