About the SQL Explorer Database Context Tree

The SQL Explorer database context tree (under Database Hierarchy where you are shown the objects in each database) provides a hierarchical representation of the databases in the domain. The context tree displays database objects in the following order:

In the context tree, the objects in the Security folder are for information purposes only. You cannot add, edit or remove security objects from SQL Explorer.

Most functionality in SQL Explorer depends on which object in the context tree is selected. The selected object sets the context. In the image below, the context is the HOCKEY table, which is defined in the HOCKEY schema, which is defined in the test database created by SQL QuickStart (see Running the SQL QuickStart).

The example below lists the table objects under the SYSTEM schema. SQL Explorer displays the first 30 objects and then displays More... at the end of the list. Move the cursor over More... to view the next 30 objects.