About Schema Access Levels

NuoDB creates a database with a default schema, called USER. Unless the connection specifies a schema name, this is the schema to which all users will connect. All users have access to this default schema and can create database objects in it.

Applications should use a schema other than the default USER schema to create their database objects. (see CREATE SCHEMA). Users are not allowed to create database objects in the SYSTEM schema. This schema is reserved for database metadata.

The default behavior is that only the creator of a schema and a user assigned the DBA role can

To give these privileges to another user, you must use the GRANT command. Specify GRANT CREATE ON SCHEMA to give permission to a user to create tables, views, SQL domains and sequence objects in the specified schema. This command does not do the following:

Specify GRANT ALTER ON SCHEMA to give permission to a user to drop the specified schema.

Create a Schema Example