About Domains

A NuoDB domain is a collection of NuoDB hosts that have been provisioned to work together to support NuoDB processes. Each host runs a NuoDB broker or a NuoDB agent. Note however, that in this release, the use of agents is not supported. Use brokers instead.

A domain is a secure environment for deploying and managing NuoDB distributed Databases. A domain can contain one or more databases and each database can run on one or more hosts. Each physical machine (host) in the domain runs one broker process or one agent process that manages the databases on that host.

As a minimum, a domain comprises one host that is running one broker. When expanding a domain to include additional machines, the broker on each host peers into the domain using secure access. In a domain, all brokers are connected to each other.

A NuoDB domain is quite different from a SQL DOMAIN type. A SQL DOMAIN is a standard user-defined field type in SQL. For example, if you define a SQL DOMAIN named MONEY as NUMERIC(15,2), you can then define fields as being of type MONEY:

create table EMPLOYEE (ID integer, NAME string, SALARY MONEY);

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