About Database Options for Commit Protocols

The default setting for the commit database option is the safe commit protocol.This is designed for guaranteed durability and fast performance.

All transaction engines that serve a particular database must use the same commit protocol. Failure to observe this can cause performance inconsistencies between transactions engines and data consistency problems due to multiple clients connecting to database processes that have different durability settings.

The following table shows the durability and performance tradeoffs for the commit protocols when journaling is enabled. If you do not require durability and if you are concerned primarily about performance then you would typically specify the commit local option. While the commit safe option is the only setting that guarantees durability, the remote and region settings provide progressively more protection from data loss if there is a database process failure.

Database Commit Options

Durability Performance






You can specify the commit database option in the NuoDB Manager . See NuoDB Manager, and Database Options for more information.